Shipping/Receiving Shop Support Coordinator

Job Description


Job Title: Shipping/Receiving Shop Support

Department: Service Department

Reports to: Parts & Service Manger

Job Function:

The position has two primary job functions. First, receiving and unloading of trucks for daily shipments makes up the shipping/receiving component of the role. Second, the shop support role is designed to support the technicians in the shop in improving overall efficiencies to improve turnaround time and customer experience.


  • Have strong communication skills and the knowledge of using s PC and barcode reader for data entry.

  • Able to efficiently coordinate working with internal and external workers of the company.

  • Knowledge of the safety, legal, and handling procedures of goods.

  • Unload inbound freight consisting of equipment, whole good bundles, and parts.

  • Count and sort all inbound goods and authenticate the packing list.

  • Inspect the received goods, making note on the bill of lading and packing slip of any damages and discrepancies.

  • Propose suggestions to the supervisor with regard to the documentation, storage, and procurement of goods.

  • Coordinate with the transporter and other workers of the organization for smoothly receiving of goods.

  • Stage freight in designated area, keep warehouses, and equipment lot clean and in order.

  • Load returnable shipping stands and pallets.

  • Empty small trash dumpsters when needed, and notify trash service when large dumpsters need to be emptied.

  • Effectively manage time.

  • Assist with snow and ice removal.

  • All other duties as assigned.

  • Execute the "Yes We Can" attitude.

Shop Support:

  • Assist technicians with cleaning, testing, and repairing equipment.

  • Treat customers and co-workers in a positive and courteous manner. Promote the Finch Companies and their employees in all departments.

  • Recondition used equipment as assigned by the Service Manager.

  • Maintain a clean and safe work area including the building, lot and machines being serviced.

  • Work hours needed during the busy season to fulfill customers' needs. This includes customer emergencies if a machine breaks down after hours.

  • Assist drivers to keep service vehicles clean in appearance.

  • Care for tools and equipment, follow safety practices, and notify the Service Manager if tools need replaced or new tools are needed.

  • Account for all time and materials used. Properly punch in and out of time cards.

  • Perpetuate self-education on product lines and keep abreast of changes.



Company Description
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